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Plain Fibreless Mulberry Paper A4 size 30gsm

Plain Fibreless Mulberry Paper A4 size 30gsm

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Blank, naturally white, fibreless mulberry paper, A4 size & 30gsm.

Blank fibreless mulberry paper, A4 size and 30 gsm, naturally white with no fibres. 

 Same premium quality as our mulberry paper with fibres.

 Our fibreless mulberry paper is perfect for decoupage technique. It's very easy to work with for beginners and advanced users. It's naturally white, semi- transparent without visible fibres in it. It's thin but yet strong. It won't tear easily like napkins. You can use it with any decoupage glue. To achieve best results tear it into pieces, do not cut it out with scissors. When applying on glass surfaces make sure to soak the paper with glue from both sides and glue to the surface like a jigsaw slightly overlapping frayed edges.  

Our fibreless mulberry paper is NOTHING LIKE the tissue paper used for packing or the one you can find in shoe boxes. 

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